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Look back in time and it becomes quickly obvious that online bingo in Singapore is one of the oldest gambling games in the world. The game has, of course, drastically changed in terms presentation, and the rules have also evolved considerably. But, regardless of the rules having changed, it is the true core of real money bingo that most are familiar with. Namely, online bingo is known as being a social game that allows players to socialise, chat, enjoy each other’s company, all while having a chance to walk away with big prizes.

Today, Singapore bingo is widely available online, and it isn’t surprising that even the digital versions are still largely focused on the familiar social element of the experience. Plus, added online bingo bonuses and special features take the experience to the next level, offering what many consider to be the ultimate real money bingo evolution.

We are dedicated to letting you know where the best online versions of bingo are in Singapore, eliminating any confusion, and allowing you to jump right into a game quickly, and without hesitation.

How Has Online Bingo Changed?

Isn’t online bingo the game where you simply mark down numbers, hope to complete a line, and then shout Bingo?

Not exactly. Bingo in Singapore has evolved dramatically over the years, and is hardly recognisable as to how it once was. Today, in 75 Ball Bingo there are over 300 different patterns that can be marked on the card, each pattern completely different from the other. Don’t worry, you won’t have to remember all 300 patterns. Before the game of real money bingo starts, a single pattern will be chosen.

The basic rules are still the same, however, which involve tickets being bought, and the corresponding numbers being marked down. When corresponding paying patterns are created, payouts are made in games of online bingo for real money.

Bingo Online Variations

But hang on, just how many versions of online bingo are there?

Essentially, there are just two types of Bingo for real money that most are familiar with. 75 Ball Bingo, and 90 Ball Bingo. In the United States the 75 ball variation is most popular, while in the United Kingdom the 90 ball version gets the most players. On the surface, these version may appear to be more or less the same, and technically they are. But there are key differences that make them a somewhat different experience.

75 Ball Bingo online is about creating a predetermined pattern on a card, while 90 Ball Bingo is about having 5 marked spaces on single line. Both online versions of bingo have a ton of additional bonus payouts and special features, meaning that prizes and cash are possible, even if you don’t hit a Bingo.

Where To Play Online Bingo in Singapore

With so many sites offering so many varieties of online bingo, it can get more than a bit confusing. That is exactly why we created this site. We check for you, see which site offers which versions of bingo online, and let you know right here.

Just read the reviews, follow the links, and don’t worry about having to search around for hours. Bookmark us, and return whenever you feel like a game of online bingo in Singapore.